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Forest Friends Admissions Information 






Program Details:

We are a Holistic, Play-based, Waldorf inspired,  Fully Nature-Immersed Outdoor Program spending ALL of our time outside. We focus on Child-lead and Emergent based principals allowing for the child's innate interests to help guide our day interwoven with teacher led activities and support.


Our Forest and Farm school sits on the border of our beloved "Fern Gully Forest on the east side of Olympia, 2 blocks from The Olympia Regional Learning Academy (ORLA). 






How we spend our days:


You can find us down in our Fern Gully Forest, exploring amongst the trees, building forts, riding our zip line, and playing on our ninja warrior course. Group games, child lead imaginative play, and bird, plant and insect identification are all examples of how we spend our time enjoying nature together down in the Forest.


We also love to play at our school and the numerous play opportunities and structures that lie up on the bluff overlooking the forest. We make mud pies and have tea parties while digging in our mud and water play area. We play dress up and make music, dance to our favorite songs with ribbons, scarves and percussion instruments and put together puppet shows in our expressive arts tent. Arts and crafts are a common occurrence throughout the day with the children having free range to a pleather of art supplies to inspire a joy in creating.   


We make sure to also take time to slow down and read, meditate, and practice learning to listen to our bodies and our own natural rhythms.  Our strong focus on developing social and emotional skills, creates a welcoming environment where we build trust and compassion for each other.  We have mixed age ranges that help to support the development of leadership, cooperation and empathy. Mixed-age groups allow children to find their own voice and we encourage children to focus on what they can do rather than what they can't do.

Our little farm holds much fruit to be enjoyed throughout the seasons through tending, prepping and harvesting the garden and taking care of our sweet animal friends. We eat fresh fruit and veggies from our garden beds, make art with the leaves and flowers and learn to care for animals through our experiences with our Guinea pigs, Bunnies, Kitties, Ducks and Chickens. By modeling how to responsibly care for our animal friends with gentleness and kindness, we help support our children's growth in developing empathy and responsibility. 

We have numerous covered areas to seek shelter from the elements.  On extra cold days we have heaters available and ways to enclose spaces so the children can warm up.

 DAILY RHYTHM ~ 1:00 - 5:00 PM

1:00                    Arrival

1:00  -  2:00 PM - Individual check-ins & Free Play Time in Forest or School

2:00  -  2:30 PM - Circle Time (Yoga, Movement, Song, Dance, Check-ins, Goals)

2:30  -  3:00 PM -  Snack

3:00  -  4:30 PM - Forest/Field Adventure or Art Activity

4:30  -  4:45 PM  - Clean Up

4:45  -  5:00 PM  - Closing Circle/ Free Play

5:00                     Pick-up


We have generally have around 6 kids per class. We have no more then 12 children on any given day and have a 6 : 1, child to adult ratio. 

Our mixed ages approach benefits children in numerous ways, helping us build a community that models team work and cooperation using a strength based approach.  Allowing for the younger children to learn from those who are older while the older children are given a chance to teach and recognize their power as positive role models. ​




  1 Day  per week ______$200/$250/$300 Monthly  

  2 Days per week______$400/$450/$500 Monthly

  3 Days per week _____$550/$600/$650 Monthly

  4 Days per week _____$650/$700/$750 Monthly

  5 Days per week_____ $750/$800/$850 Monthly

New Family Drop-in Sliding Scale (first month):

                                     $45/$55/$65 Daily

Long Term Drop-in Sliding Scale (after the first month):

                                     $50/$60/$70 Daily

 * Supported  - Families who are Financially in Need 

 * Sustained   - Families who are Financially Stable and able to Pay the True Cost of the Program  

 * Supporting - Families who are Financially Abundant and able to Pay more to Support Others In Need

**Some partial scholarships available upon request. 

Registeration Details: 

- Please schedule an interview by phone or in person, before you register. 

- To officially save a spot for your child you will need to have had an interview and paid the registration and enrollment fees in full

- There is a $100 non-refundable registration/supplies fee and a $200 enrollment fee that is fully refundable with at least 1month notice of cancellation of your child's care. 

- Tuition is due on the first day your child starts school. Please contact us if you need an alternative payment arrangement. We accept cash, check (made out to Forest Friends) or payment via zelle. 

- Please contact us for scholarship application details. 

- All children should be potty trained and comfortable using a toilet with minimal teachers assistance. They must be at least 3 years old by September of the school year. 

What Children Should Bring:

*Water bottle, hearty snack & extra set of clothes (base layer shirt/pants, socks & underwear) 

*All-weather gear, including a waterproof rain suit, rubber boots, and warm layers in the rainy season.

*Winter months: Hats, gloves (base layer warm gloves and waterproof outer layer)

***Please contact us if you have questions on gear, layering systems or recommendations. 

What Should Stay Home:

* Personal Toys

* Candy, Sugary Snacks


Ready to Enroll?


If you have already had a tour and are ready to join our Forest Friends Family, please click and download the enrollment and liability paper work below.

*  Please email/mail or bring the enrollment form in person by the first day of school. 

* Please mail or bring a signed hard copy of the liability waiver by the first day of school.

    Mail: 6648 Rich Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98501    Email:    Phone: 253-235-3024

* No child will be able to start without enrollment paperwork completed, liability forms signed and turned in and registration fee’s and tuition paid in full (unless other arrangements have been made). 

* The $100 non-refundable registration fee and the $200 refundable enrollment fee need to be paid to officially reserve your child's spot.  Payment plans are available upon request. 

* Tuition is due by the first day of school.  

* Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions!



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Three students playing in the forest together
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