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Welcome to

Community Nature Foundation


Forest Friends

 Pre -K - 5th Grade 

Outdoor After School Program

Location: Forest Friends 

1443 Brown ST SE,  East Olympia, 2 blocks from ORLA. 

Time: 3pm-5pm**

**late pick-up available upon request

Details: This will be a mixed aged program, encouraging mentorship, cooperation and leadership.


Sliding-Scale Daily Pricing:

$26 Low Income/Supported Level

$31 True Cost of Program/Sustained Level

$36 Financially Abundant/Sustaining Level

*Discounts given if signing up for 3 or more days a week



1 Day per week —$25/$30/$35 per week      :  $100/$120/$140 monthly

2 Days per week—$46/$56/$66 per week      : $184/$224/$264 monthly

3 Days per week—$63/$78/$93 per week      : $252/$312/$372 monthly

4 Days per week—$76/$96/$116 per week    : $304/$384/$464 monthly

5 Days per week —$85/$110/$135 per week : $340/$440/$540 monthly


***Partial Scholarships available

Registration: Please contact us to set up a phone or in-person interview so we can get to know you and your child and answer any questions you may have!







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