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Welcome to our Forest Friends

 K-5 Outdoor After School Program

Held at Our Fern Gully Forest! 

The After school program will be held as a part of the 2nd half of our Preschool/Homeschooling Learning program that starts at 1pm daily.


We believe mixed age ranges gives more of an opportunity for children to learn from each other and grow together! 


¥ou can drop off your child at Fern Gully Forest School at 3:00 pm. 

We conclude our adventure at 5:00 pm daily, Monday - Friday

*Please contact us if you need special arrangements for a later pick-up

Registration Details

Here at Awakening Wholeness, we believe that life is abundant and there is enough resources to go around for everyone to THRIVE. We use a Three Tiered Pricing Model that helps those that have a little extra to support those that have a financial need. Thank you for you honesty and supporting all those in our community to have access to high quality alternative education.  


"Supported" Family - $20 Daily  

This Tier is for families that need additional financial support. Their contribution will be subsidized by others in the community that can afford to donate a little extra for those in need. (Food Stamp/Medicaid recipient used as a qualifier, special circumstances considered)

"Sustaining" Family - $25 Daily

This Tier is for families that have the financial stability to offer the true cost of the program. This will help our teachers earn a livable wage and compensate for the time spent planning and implementing our program. 

"Supporting" Family - $30 Daily

This Tier is for families who are able to assist other families who are unable to contribute the full amount. We will also donate a percentage towards community -run projects to help save our Fern Gully Forest from development!

Part Time - 3 Days a Week

Weekly Pricing

$55 - Supported

$70 - Sustained

$85 - Supporting

Part Time - 4 Days a Week

Weekly Pricing

$72.50 - Supported

$92.50 - Sustaining

$112.50 - Supporting

Full Time - 5 Days a Week

Weekly Pricing

$90 - Supported

$115 - Sustaining

$140 - Supporting


Prior to registration, please schedule a tour so we can meet your family and you can see our beautiful forest nook at The Fern Gully Forest! 

If you have questions or would like to book a tour, please email


If you decide to enroll, admission paperwork will be sent out via email. There is a $50 registration fee and tuition is paid monthly (unless other arrangements have been made) to secure your spot in our program. 

Any additional questions or special circumstances you'd like to see if we can accommodate? Please inquire to the email above!

We strive to make high quality outdoor education accessible to families in our community. Need based Scholarships  available.



What Our Families Say:

avatar of client testimonial

Brittany Nelson - Olympia, WA

" Amy is full of empathy and creativity! My childrenen loved having her as their caretaker. They were always dancing, singing, crafting, or going outside for an adventure in nature. She's a wonderful teacher and encouraged positive expression and exploration in my girls."

Additional Information

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