Hello Friends!

My name is Amy Flynn (and this is my daughter, Seraphina Skye!) and I am the Founder, Director and Program Specialist at Awakening Wholeness. We provide Holistic Education for the Whole Person, Children and Adults alike. 

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My Story

My whole life I have been yearning for more: more connection, more joy, more community...


I grew up in the public school system while also moving around a lot as a child, and I felt "left behind" at an early age. I ended my High School Career with a distaste for learning, a distrust of authority and a feeling of being lost. I graduated not feeling like I knew myself, my strengths or what direction I should turn and I struggled to find meaning in my life for a long time.


I knew I needed support in building my character, getting to know myself and figuring out just what I may have to offer this big wide world. The universe stepped in and moved me across the country where I found myself at The Evergreen State College and began to study Holistic Health and Education and my journey in reclaiming my love of life and learning, began.


I studied experiential and outdoor education and learned about various alternative educational models through my work-study experiences at Evergreen. My time spent at The Olympia Community School, The Waldorf School, Head Start's Bi-Lingual Preschool, and many other Outdoor Preschools and Camps a long the way, has shaped the way I work with children and the philosophy in which I build my programs.  My role as the Director of the before and afterschool program at Lincoln Elementary gave me the foundation and understanding of the necessary ingredients needed to create a successful, thriving program. I graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2012 with a Dual Arts and Science Degree.

Through my life and educational experience, I learned A LOT!  Mostly about what is missing in our public school system and how much of a need there is for children (and adults!) to learn and grow holistically, honoring their whole selves. I learned how much the health of our minds, bodies and spirits are deeply inter-related to how we spend our days, either inside a school, sitting, following directions, looking at screens or outside on the earth, playing and growing in the way that nature intended us to. 

I know that not everyone has the opportunity for their children to be home schooled or go to private school (My daughter included!) so I am creating this after school program to fill the gaps of what is often missing in our children's daily interactions at our intellectually based learning centers. 


We yearn to create a center for community health and connection here at Fern Gully Forest, and we welcome our families to participate in various other community classes and events to increase a sense of belonging and grow in our own health as our children's main role models in this life. We are creating a strong network in our community, to not only better support our children but also our adults and our wild spaces, that we so desperately need to sustain us and bring us hope and healing. 

My background as a Board Certified Wellness Coach, as well as a Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance and Meditation Teacher, gives me a unique perspective when working with children.  We work to honor ALL PARTS of the child in our programs with special attention to building social and emotional intelligences, compassionate communication, resilience, leadership and conflict resolution skills. Through building these skills and developing numerous tools and resources, we will not only allow for our children to work and play well with others, but we'll support them in cultivating an innate knowing of themselves.  This will support them in building a relationship with their own being, their community and the natural environment around them, serving them for a lifetime to come.